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Stitcher: How real estate agents can learn on the go with podcasts that educate and entertain

July 02 2017

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Aside from Uber drivers and bus drivers, real estate agents may put in more road time than any other profession. And while you're always focused on getting from one place to the next in record time, you may not be handling your drive time as efficiently as possible. This week, we'll talk about the best mobile apps for real estate agents on the go.

Check out our first post, where we looked at the Waze app and its Send ETA feature.

Stitcher app

Before we talk about Stitcher, our preferred podcasting app, let's start with the basics. Podcasts are recorded audio segments that usually last around 20 minutes to an hour. Podcasts cover a range of topics, from political analysis, to TV show recaps, to business advice, to fictionalized stories that are told in serialized form. If you have a hobby or an interest, there's bound to be a podcast that explores it.

While your device likely came with a pre-loaded podcast app, we recommend using Stitcher, another free app that has a ton of amazing functions. Stitcher's interface is a lot more intuitive than the one provided in the Podcast app for iOS, and it also allows podcast junkies to better segment their favorite podcasts into stations and playlists.

You can also "stitch" together a playlist when you're headed out on a long drive. Instead of fumbling around to determine what you want to listen to next, Stitcher will seamlessly start the next show so you get to your destination safely and with minimal screen interaction.

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Get better recommendations

If you love Pandora or Spotify's recommended stations and songs, then you'll have another reason to love Stitcher. The engineers behind the app also generate smart recommendations based on what others users have listened to and loved. Once you set up a few podcasts to listen to, you'll be sent additional recommendations of shows to test out.

Looking for real estate podcast recommendations?

We'd be crazy to steer you anywhere other than these comprehensive lists of top real estate apps from Placester and CuraytorCuraytor.

Download Stitcher

It's available for iOs and Android devices:

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