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Friday Freebie: 2 Back Office Tools Go Head-to-Head!
An all-in-one back office solution or a platform that integrates with your existing tools? Different brokerages have different needs, and today we're highlighting two competing back office systems aimed at small- and mid-sized firms. Free trials and special offers from Brokermint and BrokerSumo Brokers in the market for a back office solution that handles commissions and billings have a world of choices available to them. At one end, we have enterprise-level packages that work great for massive firms, but are likely too expensive or too complicated for smaller companies. At the other end, we have leaner solutions like Brokermint and BrokerSumo that are better equipped to serve independent and more modestly sized brokerages. Both solutions are relative newcomers to the real estate technology scene and are targeted at a similar customer base. Both offer commission management, and both can integrate with Quickbooks or other popular accounting tools. So where do they differ? Well, Brokermint aims to be the do-it-all solution for small- and mid-sized brokers, and offers a complete transaction management component, complete with task checklists, integrated eSignatures, as well as tracking of tools like lockboxes and yard signs. BrokerSumo, on the other hand, offers integration opportunities with existing transaction management platforms like Dotloop. Rather than reinvent the wheel with regards to transaction management, BrokerSumo focuses on doing what it does really well—managing your commission plans and internal accounting needs like agent billing, direct deposit, escrow, generating 1099s, and even tracking the ROI of your marketing efforts. Which solution is best for you comes down to what you need. Do you already use a transaction management tool that you're happy with? If you just need a program to handle your commission and accounting needs, BrokerSumo may be the better bet. Are you looking to get all your back office needs—from transaction management to accounting to commissions—met under one roof? Consider Brokermint. If you're not sure which option is best for you, you can try them both for free—no credit card required. Better yet, we've negotiated additional special offers just for RE Technology readers. Check out the details of each opportunity below: Brokermint: Free 30-day trial, plus 10% off your subscription fees for life when you sign up here. BrokerSumo: Free 14-day trial, plus $50 off your first month with promo code RETECHJUNE. Sign-up here!