WATCH: Kent Hanley of Coldwell Banker HPW Shares Broker Tech Strategy
Switching technology platforms is a huge undertaking. After all, your brokerage platform is more than just a website--it also includes your company intranet, integration between all tools and services used in your brokerage, individual agent websites, and more. In a recent webinar, we learned how a large brokerage firm tackled the task of the switching technology platforms. Howard Perry and Walston (HPW) is a 15-office firm that serves the Raleigh, NC market. Their CEO, Kent Hanley, relocated to the area in 2016 to lead the company. But when he used HPW's website to search for a new home, he found it difficult to use. Kent knew that if the site was cumbersome for him, it was likely confusing to consumers, as well. So once he settled in to his new role, Kent began looking into how to improve their website, as well as to understand all the technology and vendors that HPW used, and how they worked—or didn't—for the company. What Kent discovered is that HPW was well overdue for a change to their entire brokerage technology platform. Watch the webinar below to learn how HPW came to this decision, how they evaluated vendors, and made the transition to a new platform.
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